Nintendo Handing Out Free DS at UK Teaching Conference

Nintendo plans to hand out free DS Lites and copies of Brain Training to the teachers attending an upcoming Handheld Learning Conference in London later this year.

The conference, supported by Nintendo, will explore how technology can be used for learning.

Graham Brown-Martin, founder of Handheld Learning, said: "Providing teachers with free Nintendo DS Lites is not intended to be a gimmick, we expect our delegates to use them during the conference and experience an environment that would typically not be allowed in a classroom."

I think it's a great idea. In fact in my recent conversation with Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway I was telling her that Nintendo should work to get some WiiWare educational games out and then provide the Wii to schools around the country. It worked for Apple, so why not Nintendo? Personally, I think all three hardware companies are obligated, as good corporate citizens, to create educational games for their download services. They may not make money, but I can't imagine it would cost them that much and think of the good will, both to the company and the industry.

Nintendo to hand out free DS consoles [Digital Spy]


    like the blue one it is cool

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