Nintendo Loses in Bid to Reduce Patent Infringe Penalty

You may recall that earlier in May, Nintendo was pinched to the tune of $AU 21.87 million in a patent infringement suit brought by Texas-based Anascape. Upon further review, the play stands — a U.S. District Court judge denied Ninty's pretty-please to cut that $AU 21.87 mil to a less lottoriffic number. So unless they want to take this up the ladder to a U.S. federal appeals court, they'll be cutting a check for that number.

Anascape sued back in 2006 and went for the kitchen sink, claiming Nintendo and Microsoft both infringed on controller designs they had patented. Microsoft settled with Anascape. The original suit against Nintendo covered everything from the Gamecube forward — the Wavebird and the Classic, plus the Wiimote and Nunchuk. The case decided in May found infringements only on the former two not the motion-sensing controls in the Wii. Still, $AU 21.87 million is not pocket change.

Nintendo's Appeal on Reduced $21M Verdict Denied []


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