No End In Sight: EA Extends Take-Two Offer Again

Electronic Arts has announced this morning it has extended the deadline for its acquisition of Take-Two until July 18th, after the previous deadline expired at market close yesterday.

The publisher has not, however, raised its offer above $US 2 billion, or $US 25.74 per share, as the FTC's investigation process continues. Take-Two was recently asked to explain to the U.S. district court of Washington, D.C why it is refusing to fully comply with the commission's information request. Take-Two risks an injunction if it doesn't provide the full scope of info, which has been speculated to pertain to portions of its sports portfolio.

EA senior VP of corporate development Owen Mahoney congratulated Rockstar on Grand Theft Auto IV's successful launch, but maintained that despite the title's success, EA's offer "reflects a full and fair price based on the long-term value of Take-Two's entire operation".


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