No Spore Creature Creator For Australia, In Fact, It's US & Canada Only [Updated]

spore_wide.jpgOh dear EA, when will you learn? We like the games you publish, but for some reason, you don't want our money. Madness, I tells ya. True, $US 10 isn't exactly a haul, but it's $US 10 that will never be yours. Potentially, it could mean $100 or so EA will miss out on when the game is released.

Even if you try to trick the EA Store by providing US details, I imagine as long as you're using a non-US/Canadian credit card, you'll get this message when you hit confirm: "We are unable to process your order. Please verify your information and try again". The only upside is that you can download the trial. But even then, it's only 25% of the experience.

Seriously, why put an AU and NZ flag on the Spore landing page (above), but have both links going to the normal US site to advertise a product we can't buy? They may as well not be there.

I'm currently waiting for EA to get back to me with comment.

Update: Here's what EA had to say: "To clarify, Australians with Australian credit cards will not be able to purchase the full Creature Creator for the US/Canadian sites, however the full version of the Creature Creator will be available in Australia". The company will be making an "exciting" announcement about this in the near future.

Spore [Official site]


    The NZ ea site is allowing preorders for the full creature creator.
    Relased on the 20th however and for 5 dollars more.

    I got mine from the U.K site without issue, we are part of the commonwealth after all and the queen can still sack Rudd if she felt like it

    What's to bet that this exciting announcement will constitute an 'exciting' and utterly unjustified price-hike?

    @Bookbuster: My thoughts exactly, probably $19.95 or $25

    How'd you get it from the U.K. site John? I'd happily do this but it seems to reject my order in the same way the U.S. site does.

    Wait, so you can get it from the UK site? How?

    i couldn't even get it off ign's D2d service

    "item removed from cart due to location restrictions"

    i hate ea.

    I don't give a crap. I'm used to being royally screwed over with anything game related in Australia; so I pirate first and ask questions later.

    WTF? I bought it with my Australian Mastercard, downloaded it via the EA download manager, installed the fucker and played with it.

    That's clearly not from the 25% demo so I don't know what's going on here. Oh except I got it through the U.K site as it was 5pounds, not $9.99 USD.. During the checkout Australia wasn't an option on the drop down menu, so i just chose Austria.. and it went through. Yay for me i guess.

    I think it's great that people are finding esoteric ways to download the full Creature Creator. The point here though is that you shouldn't have to.

    Thanks a lot EA, just like the other bloated bureaucratic companies, feel free to screw over OZland. Doesn't matter that the US economy is going to hell in a handbasket, they'll still charge us for their crap using exchange rates four years old.

    As a sign of defiance I am no longer going to pay for the Creature Creator, no doubt there's plenty of torrents already. I might pay for the full game if EA stops being such a bunch of asswipes.

    I'm not too concerned about the cost - you can claim back the cost of the creature creator when buying the full game. I'm willing to sit tight, albeit in a state of disappointment, for another few days while they flick through an Atlas to try and find us.

    o snap i cant waste my hard earned money on something that doesnt even qualify as a demo.

    I'm not so sure i agree with everything said here. Sure, i was disappointed and frustrated to find out I could only download the free version, but I'm not going to go to a US or UK site to download the full one. Why? Because any rebate off the full costs of Spore is likely to require me strolling into EB in Pittsburgh or Bristol. I suspect the reason they haven't done a deal like this here is 1) we're too small to worry about it on day one, and 2) setting up a rebate scheme with a local retailer is taking a bit more time.

    Just bought it from the European Spore store. Used a dummy UK address (doesn't allow AU as the Country) with PayPal as the purchase mechanism and then once on the PayPal site don't log in but choose to pay now via credit card. Then you can select an Australian address and card. Simple.

    Well, thanks for this post! The NZ link worked for me in Australia!

    second that - the NZ link worked for me as well - even let me select Australia as an option.

    let me get this straight, you have to pay for a demo now?... ugh!...

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