Now Playing The Part Of Brian Crecente...

Hi everyone,

I'm Stephen Totilo, games reporter for over three years at MTV News, blog editor for MTV Multiplayer, journalist by master's degree, and fill-in for Brian Crecente this week.

I hope Brian won't have to cancel his trip over my guest-blogging nor that you'll cancel your Kotaku Gold membership.

I do think you should know a few things about me:
-I've loved reading Kotaku most of the time — just not when they published That Picture.
-I created "Hogan Knows Best" (You're welcome? Sorry?)
-I edit MTV's Multiplayer video game blog.
-I believe Metroid Prime 2 was better than Metroid Prime
-MTV Multiplayer published N'Gai Croal's analysis of Resident Evil 5 and the sketch of the Microsoft Wii-mote. But I didn't write either of those excellent pieces! Blame me for the Metal Gear Solid 4 NDA thing instead.
-I never owned an Atari
-I will occasionally link to Multiplayer work this week because I think we do pretty good work.
-I face a wall in the MTV News newroom, on the other side of which sits Kurt Loder
-I believe Oswald acted alone

Looking forward to blogging for you for the week!


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