NY Times Covers EVE Online Summit, Runs it in 'Television' Section

OK, many video games are indeed played on a TV, but correct me if I'm wrong, EVE is a PC game, so it's most likely played on a monitor, right?

Thus ends my attempts to Bazooka Joe every post I do today.

Ahem, anyway. We told you about the Council of Stellar Management a couple weeks back. They just had their big congressional session up in Iceland, home of CCP, the developer of EVE Online. A New York Times reporter went up to report on the proceedings and, surprise surprise. People are more civil in person than they are online!

Yet in person — around the conference table, in the CCP cafeteria, over cocktails amid the infamous Reykjavik nightlife — the vitriol and bickering that had often characterized their in-game interaction largely fell away, replaced by mostly cordial cooperation. Late at night, in the back room of a bar, you could even witness high-level political negotiations among the players.

Granted, it would take a deep and firsthand knowledge of EVE Online to report on any developments out of the Council of Stellar Management (I can't help but imagine Bill Lumbergh after typing those words). And the NYT reporter admits a general cluelessness — then again, aren't most of us. So, not sure what the confab accomplished other than taking the EVE players to a site where Icelandic tribes once met to resolve differences. And of course, since this was a summer conclave of EVE's student body government, you know that means at least one wholly unexpected hookup in a hot tub somewhere. But that wasn't reported.

A Council of Eve Online Gamers [The New York Times]


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