On Bringing Acclaim Back From The Dead

There's a tidy piece up over on Gamasutra, detailing Howard Marks' plans to resurrect the Acclaim brand name. While the original company went bust in 2006, Marks plans on capitalising on the brand name to leverage titles that are less about cartoony basketball players and more about...pony-based MMOs. Acclaim circa 2008 are all about free-to-play MMOs, nickel-and-diming you with microtransactions, getting into Facebook gaming and capitalising on the rise of the online gaming scene in markets like China. Might not sound like much, but the last time Marks decided to revive the flagging fortunes of a former big name in the industry was in 1991. When he and Bobby Kotick dug Activision out of the grave. That seems to be working out OK.

Acclaim Bringing For-Pay Item Trade To Facebook [Gamasutra]


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