One Stop Shopping For Your Diablo III Trailer Needs

There is an assload (U.S. measurement, roughly 12 percent lighter than the Imperial arseload and metric arseload) of Diablo III videos over on Gametrailers and assorted game video sites. I know about them all, up here in the Kotaku tower, and I could spend all day posting them. Instead, I’ve embedded this one, which features 20 minutes — an Imperial shitload — of gameplay. And it is indeed awesome. Links to the other trailers are after the jump. There are many, including a series featuring the specific abilities of Witch Doctor and Barbarian classes. Enjoy, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Debut Gameplay Trailer
Debut Artwork Trailer
Debut Teaser
Debut Barbarian Gameplay
Debut Witch Doctor Gameplay
Barbarian Leap Gameplay
Barbarian Seismic Slam Gameplay
Barbarian Whirlwind Gameplay
Witch Doctor Horrify Gameplay
Witch Doctor Locust Swarm Gameplay
Witch Doctor Mass Confusion Gameplay
Witch Doctor Soul Harvest Gameplay
Witch Doctor Fire Bomb Gameplay
Barbarian Ground Stomp Gameplay
Barbarian Cleave Gameplay
[all hosted at Gametrailers]

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