Peter Moore Thinks Rock Band's Changing Our Thinking About Games

Peter Moore isn't just a game exec. He is a rocker. And as a rocker, he knows the importance of things like Rock Band. And what is that?

It really came home for me when we were in Munich for our global marketing meeting and we took over the Hard Rock Café for the night and had a Rock Band competition... There were a hundred of us and it was like a real rock concert. It was a blast. I stood back and I thought that this was an incredible cultural phenomenon... The crowd were going wild, but all we were doing was playing on toy guitars, toy drums and singing badly into a microphone. Now the beer might have had something to do with it, I don't know, but it was a great social thing. And I said, 'Boy, this product is going to change the way we think about games.'

Boy was he right! Rock Band also changed the ways game execs can embarrass themselves at E3 press conferences.

Peter Moore Interview [CVG via videogaming247][Pic]


    So yeah, is Australia gunna get this game... ever?

    *Sits and waits, rocking back and forth, refreshing the page that tells him where his Rock Band package is.*

    Can't sleep. Must wait for Rock Band. Can't sleep. Must wait for Rock Band.

    *Tears hair out*

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