Possible Rock Band 2 Box Art, Release Date

In another case of EA, Harmonix and/or MTV Games looking for consumer opinion on the next Rock Band, Joystiq has posted a pair of box art concepts for Rock Band 2 that are being focus tested via an online survey. As it did last month, when it polled potential Rock Band buyers about new pricing schemes, survey experts are asking web surfers to pick one of two styles. We happen to prefer the one above, but our arch-nemeses prefer the other.

In other RB2 news, we've heard from our retail buddies that Rock Band 2 is showing up in databases 'round the US with a November 2008 ship date. Thanks to BrocStoppable for the heads up on that. One other tidbit that recently crept out via reader Bryan was that the late Bo Diddley's "Billy-Bo-Jupiter Thunderbird" guitar from Gretsch will make an appearance in the sequel.

Survey reveals Rock Band 2 concept box art [Joystiq]

Editor's note: Rock Band 2? We haven't got the first one yet! Why not focus on that EA/Harmonix?


    Yeah... It hasn't even reached australia or parts of europe yet, nor has Japan got their copy - Are we sure november 2008 is the release date?!

    Editor's note: Rock Band 2? We haven't got the first one yet! Why not focus on that EA/Harmonix?


    i bet they're just trying to make PAL territories forget there ever was a Rock Band and get us to focus on RB2

    I've got a fantastic idea for how they can make more money without even spending money on making a new game:


    I'm still waiting to be physically able to go and purchase the original Rock Band. This is ridiculous.

    Pssh, maybe I should just go buy Ouendan, Guitar Hero 3, Singstar, and... Donkey Conga?

    Look EA need to focus on the rest of the world eg the PAL region before rushing out and killing a game before we even get to see the original... This is Ludacris!!!!

    Would be nice if they released the damn Wii version in Aus before making number 2.

    That'll go nicely with my copy of Rock Band 1, oh...wait....

    Australia still doesn't have the first one. We don't even have any official news about it (Only rumour of a September release) and they are already looking at number 2?

    I see this as a knee jerk reaction to the news of Guitar Hero World Tour and it's possible release around Autumn in the US. An attempt to steal some of the light from Activision.

    The more I wait for Rockband (even some official news would be good), the less I want it now. Which is a shame because I really like a lot of the songs on there. I think EA, Harmonix and/or MTV Games have left it too long for Rockband in Australia, which means less interest in Rockband 2.

    i'm from australia and i got myself a copy of Rock Band off ebay for $300 only a couple weeks ago, and i find out now that they're releasing a second game? My god, i was just over waiting for EA to release Rock Band here in aust, and also i hear there's going to be Guitar Hero: World Tour!! These guys really know how to make money, lol

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