PS3 Video Service: Only Sony On-Board ATM

Variety's Ben Fritz has popped out and gotten a few more scraps of info regarding the PS3's video download service due in the Summer. Seems that while Sony are currently in negotiations with all major studios to offer their content on the service, none are yet to officially sign up. Meaning that, as things stand, only one studio is officially on-bard: Sony Pictures. Obviously, this doesn't mean things will stay that way - you can bet that, just like the XBL Video Marketplace, most (if not all) major studios will be selling their movies on the service sooner or later. What it does mean is that either the service is going to launch soon (during or just after E3) with only Sony's movies available, or the "Summer 2008" timeframe actually means "late August" as Sony wait for more product to be on offer before launching.

Playstation 3 download service may also include PSP, doesn't have other studios yet [Variety]


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