PSN Cards FINALLY Hitting Stores

No announcement accompanying this, so I guess Sony are looking at soft-launching the things, but reader Terry sent us these pics of some PlayStation Network pre-paid cards available right now at his local Meijer store. Both $AU 20.93 and $AU 52.34 denominations are available, and Terry lets us know that (like the card says), unlike those for the 360 and Wii, the PSN cards are only activated once they've been run through the register. Another shot of the cards (in the wild) after the jump.

Editor's note: Let us know if you spot any in Australia!


    I sent an email to Sony Australia in march, they sent back that there were no immediate plans to release them in Australia. there my little tid bit of info for ya. i'll send another email to see if there are any plans yet

    wat store was it seen at?

      I rang sony the other day to ask them a qustion regarding the PSN Store and I was told by the operator that PSN Cards for Austrlia will be released the ame time as the PSP GO, which is around september 2009.

        October still no PSN cards

    psp go was released this month so the psn cards should be out soon

    if they dont release them in australia sony will loose their market to every one without a credit card... you know... children... who video games are aimed at...

    you get the download for gran turismo for free when you get the psp go its probably just to hold you in till the psn cards are released

    The avg age for video games is 30s i think, im not so sure. But my point is that most video games now, are for older audiences. Nothing against you, just making a point though. I am also quite annoyed at the fact that PSN Cards aren't available, I don't want my parents seeing that my credit card is spent all on App Store and PSN.

    They should come out soon... with the PSP Go and newer games comming soon, so we'll have to wait. :(

    OUT NOW @ GAME in Brisbance, QLD.

    bought them myself. $20 and $50 cards.

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