PSP High Kicking Japanese Schoolgirl Game

Fan service manga/anime Ikkitousen is getting a scrolling action PSP version! Featuring a bevy of gals in short skirts kicking arse, Ikkitousen is inspired on Chinese epic Romance of Three Kingdoms and is set against a backdrop of warring high school students. Based on the upcoming third season of the anime and dubbed Ikkitousen - Great Guardians, the PSP game features hand-to-hand combat, high kicks and pantsu. Lots and lots of pantsu. Oh, there's costume battle damage, too that looks way riskier than what battle damage Soul Calibur IV is punching out. The PSP game will be out this October. Until then, click through the NSFW gallery below.


    I have a copy of this game and it's really quite fun. You need a little Japanese to navigate the menus, but you could probably do that trial and error as well. The game plays like a standard side-scrolling beat-em-up, but with a little less variety in the moves. Overall it's a fun diversion and the fan service is tame but enjoyable if you like big-busted school girls (and who doesn't?).

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