Pyros Blow In The New TF2 Update

The Pyro isn't just getting three new weapons in tomorrow's Team Fortress 2 update pack. His main weapon is getting an upgrade that will completely blow you away. The standard flamethrower will now come with a spiffy new alt-fire mode that shoots a blast of compressed air, blowing away both opponents and incoming projectiles, meaning soldiers are about to get a taste of their own medicine in a very bad way.

On top of the main weapon tweaks, the Pyro is also getting the Axtinguisher, which we've already covered, The Flare Gun, teased in yesterday's Meet the Sniper vid, which allows you to set opponents ablaze from afar, and The Backburner, a flamethrower for the sneakier firebugs out there. While it lacks the compressed air feature, The Backburner guarantees critical hits from behind while granting the Pyro 50 more health.

Hit the link below for the full skinny on the Pyro update from Valve, including the two new maps and a full list of updated Pyro achievements!

The Pyro Update [Team Fortress 2 - Thanks David!]


    Oh wow, the 'Hadouken' style taunt the Pyro has actually does damage!?
    From the acheivements:
    OMGWTFBBQ: Kill an enemy with a taunt.

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