Rebellion: PSP Still 'Kicking Arse'

Chris Kingsley is CTO of Rebellion, who's done so many PSP titles he's got good reason to wax optimistic about the platform's future prospects. But wax he does, as part of a GamesIndustry interview in which he says that even though PSP has been "in the shadow" of the DS, the girl's still got life in her:

"But there's still very good business to be done on the less glamorous platforms - look at PlayStation 2, it's still selling bucket-loads of consoles and bucket-loads of games, though they've got to be the right games for the right platform".

He noted that the PSP is "kicking the arse of pretty much every other system out there" in Japan because the right games have come out - with a bit of luck, he thinks that some of those games will come out in Europe and be just as successful.

Seems to me, though, that as the most technically sophisticated handheld on the market, it's no compliment at all for the PSP if one of its mainstay UK developers is comparing it to a last-gen console.

PSP has a good few years left in it still, says Kingsley []


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