Rumour: Lucasarts Sackings To Impact Upcoming Projects (Incl. KOTOR 3, Indy, Wii Lightsabre Game)

We've continued to receive e-mails throughout the day from folks who it seems are now formerly in the employ of Lucasarts, telling us this and that about the circumstances behind their departure from the company. But few are as revealing as one we were sent earlier this evening. One former employee has told us not only how he was immediately sacked after six years of service, but how wide-ranging the layoffs appear to be, and the impact they'll supposedly have on many of Lucasart's upcoming projects. Projects like KOTOR 3, a Wii Star Wars title and the non-Lego Indiana Jones game.


    Hmm, well that is interesting. The most interestng news I got out of that is that TFU is ready to ship. *Joy*

    Lucasarts is dead, long live Lucasarts! Born in 1982 and died in 1999, Lucasarts still roams the landscape as an undead entity, excreting Star Wars titles of various quality for the various platforms of the world.

    Even now bits still fall off the undead behemoth, upon which Star Wars fans can gorge themselves and devour its rotting flesh.

    Lucas Arts can suck a dick. They've sucked ass since the time they refused to continue making their simply amazing adventure games in favor of movie tie ins and the 90,000 billionth star wars game.

    Just follow Telltale games, they are AMAZING, made up of previous Lucasarts employers they are seriously hot and they made the new Monkey Island game and it ROCKS

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