Rumour: Microsoft to Announce Blu-Ray Xbox on Monday

We have no confirmation or sourcing of our own on this, so, we don't vouch for its accuracy. But we will be watching the clock at 10 am Crecente time tomorrow, as CrunchGear is rumourmongering that Microsoft will announce Blu-Ray Xboxes will be shipping by Christmas, at that time. Rumour has it they'll cost less than an Elite.

The announcement would apparently be timed to upstage Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference which kicks off an hour later in San Francisco. Here's the full rumour from CrunchGear's tipster:

I'm told MS will upstage Apple with a Monday 9am PDT announcement (1 hour before WWDC) via press release that the Xbox 360 will get Blu-Ray before Christmas. Price was "under the current Elite", but i could get any more details.

We'll be pursuing this tomorrow as our means of pursuit are limited today. Carry on.

MS to release Blu-Ray drive on Monday[CrunchGear]


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