See You Later Kwari!

See You Later Kwari!

kwariwallp.jpgOh Kwari, where did you go wrong? Was it the unpronounceable name? The awful graphics? The boring gameplay? One of these, all of these – it doesn’t matter now. The Micro Forte-developed online title, which tried to tempt players with its “cash for kills” design, is no more. Owner Kwari Limited has gone into receivership, which we can only assume means Kwari didn’t do so well.

Can we stop with the woeful game ideas based around even crappier business models? It really doesn’t help the local industry.

Kwari Shuts Down [, via Sumea]


  • What the hell is Kwari?

    Its Australian made as well? >_>

    Seriously, this is the first time I’m hearing about it and I come very close to living on the internet. Great marketing…

  • Well, so much for sitting here for 15 mins waiting for it to install. Might as well reformat me hard drive coz now it keeps crashing.

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