Serious Question: GTAIV or MGS4?

To: Totilo
From: Bashcraft
RE: The Answer Key

Tricky quiz!

Got sent a copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 today from Kojima Productions. I've been playing through Grand Theft Auto IV, which I still haven't finished, because I've been dealing with a gajillion different things — more than one human should have to at one time! Getting towards the homestretch of that game, and I really like it. But MGS4 just popped up. Usually, I'm finish-one-game-start-another kinda guy, but kinda interested in checking out MGS4.

So............. Whaddaya think? Should I finish GTAIV first and then start MGS4 or just go ahead and start MGS4?

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    go for MGS4, GTA4 is just another GTA4 with better graphics. The city is still as big a ghost town as ever (time square is all lights on the outside but nothing on the inside), whereas MGS4 is an epic adventure that will have you feeling satisfaction at the end of the game like few other games can.

    I believe had MGS4 come out before GTA4, GTA would've scored a lot less perfect 10s.

    mmm GTA was pretty boring mission wise, the same mission over and over really. does anyone agree?
    Wasn't a fan of the ending, mgs4 is varied yet they think the gameplay is genius but im pretty sure splinter cell was doing the same thing about 8 years ago.

    actually i have both the games. both are cool and enjoyable. the only diffrence is what you want to play if it is war and sneaking go for mgs4. if you want gang fight and these stuff go for gta 4. mgs4 includes more gun detail. gta4 includes more adventure detail.

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