SOCOM: Confrontation Map Flythroughs

Here's a couple of flythrough videos of two of the maps for the upcoming PlayStation 3 entry in the popular tactical shooter series, SOCOM: Confrontation. Looking at these you might marvel at the details and the textures, working out specific strategies you will use on each map when the game comes out. I, on the other hand, only see an endless sea of corpses littering every surface, each one bearing my name. I might die a great deal in SOCOM matches, but I die tactically, dammit.

If you think Quarantine looks nice, hit the jump for Crossroads - definitely my favourite of the two.


    A first day purchase for me, without a doubt. That said, some more polish to the game's graphics and atmosphere would definitely not hurt. But either way, I'll still be buying this and playing the hell out of it.

    When someone says a game looks "muddy" they are generally referring to a lack of detail in textures. As far as I can tell, this is a correct observation, this game's textures are lackluster at this stage of development. I'd like to see them improved but I fear the title is too far along.

    As for everything being realistically "brown." This is also a problem for me. In the real world there are vibrant colours that contrast against the greys and browns of warzones so heavily portrayed by games. There might be a mural painted on a wall, some brightly coloured, out-of-place car. Many interiors in the middle east are lavish with colours, many resembling the Mediterranean countries in their gratuitous amounts of various shades of blue.

    This is the Middle-East and there should be more colour. Simple. Call of Duty 4 got the right balance, Far Cry 2 looks to have it as well.

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