Sony Talkin' God of War III At E3

What we know: Last year, Sony officially said God of War III was for the PS3. Back in February of this year, a Sony teaser ad said God of War III was "coming soon". A job announcement popped up in April was seeking an online game programmer for the team that created God of War and God of War II. According to a post on game site Eurogamer, Sony will be announcing God of War III for the PS3 at E3. This s unconfirmed, but makes sense! Surely, Sony will want a big AAA exclusive to face off with Gears of War 2 this holiday season. But just because something makes sense doesn't mean it's true.

God Of War III vai ser [ via N4G Thanks, Thorsten!][Pic]


    God Of War has always had releases during the March period.

    God Of War = Ares = Aries = March/April.

    God Of War III - March 2009. That's my educated guess anyway.

    I think it'll be a trailer this E3.

    wowwwwwww real god of war is also there

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