Source: Leaked 'Crucible' Is Oblivion Designer's New Console RPG

Sega's denial to MTV Multiplayer earlier today that it was publishing the game seen in the leaked Crucible video that spilled out of the Intellisponse fiasco sounds legit, according to a source. We've been told that that clip has nothing to do with Sega's game of a similar name, but is instead the work of developer Big Huge Games and Oblivion designer Ken Rolston. The former Elder Scrolls designer joined Big Huge Games last year to work on a "strikingly original" console RPG due to be published by THQ in 2009.

According to the source, the footage that was leaked on Sunday represents an "absolutely archaic build, and doesn't even come close to representing what the game is or where it's going" calling it "orders of magnitude better" than the footage suggests.

When THQ announced the project, opting not to name the Rolston-led RPG, it planned to release the game on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Neither developer nor publisher has had much to say about the game since then. We've contacted THQ for comment.


    [...] role-playing game being published by Electronic Arts, used to be something else entirely, a game once codenamed Crucible. Then the creative forces of Curt Schilling, R.A. Salvatore and Todd MacFarlane got onboard with [...]

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