Spore Creature Creator Trial Available Today

Time to create your own Fruit Fucker! Maxis proudly announces the worldwide availability of the Spore Creature Creature Creator trial. Players can head over to http://www.spore.com/trial right now and download the PC and MAC versions of the demo version, while the full version should be showing up at retail today or tomorrow - call ahead. You can also buy the full version of the Creature Creator via EA's store, though when I purchased it earlier today it was listed as a preorder, available for download tomorrow.

I've managed to avoid the Creature Creator for the most part myself, but this launch trailer sucked me in as soon as I heard the bizarre little critters making cute squeaking noises. I am a complete sucker for cute squeaking noises, as my dating history is sure to prove.


    I'm still having trouble getting it in AU. Apparently it's only available to US and Canadian citizens. You can trust EA to fuck up new releases.

    Yeah, frickin' annoying. It's available from the UK direct2drive site too, but I can't buy it from there either.

    Bloody EA. Do they WANT us to pirate their software?

    I heard somewhere about a 20 June release date. Not sure though, but if it's still only available to US and Canadian citizens, EA can suck my balls.

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