StarCraft II Dated?

No, Blizzard hasn't yet applied an official date to Starcraft II, but that hasn't stopped a trio of retailers from pegging its release. That'd be December 3. Of this year. According to Best Buy, Circuit City, and Gamestop, via Joystiq, the long awaited RTS sequel will make it in time for Christmas. We've contacted Blizzard to get comment, but won't be surprised if they remind us that the Worldwide Invitational is going down this weekend and to hold onto our butts.

Update: We got word from Blizzard, who say, unsurprisingly "There is no official release date for StarCraft II. The game will ship when it's done". Good thing we didn't start holding our breath!

Rumour: Retail chains showing December 3 release date for Starcraft II [Joystiq]


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