Stores Now Dealing Cocaine In Australia & NZ

cocaine_drink.jpgYou know that crazy energy drink named “Cocaine” that caused such a ruckus overseas? Well, it may soon incite similar controversy in our part of the world. The Christchurch-based Wize Marketing has organised with manufacturer Redux Beverages to distribute Cocaine in Australia and New Zealand.

Cocaine contains 280mg of caffeine – 3.5 times the amount in an average can of Red Bull or cup of coffee. Enough to get you wired, cause heart palpitations or make your eyeballs combust.

While technically the drink is (mostly) harmless, I’m sure an angry parent of some description will ink a letter to their local MP condemning the beverage based on its name. Not that it bothers me – it’s not like we don’t have enough energy drinks to choose from as it is.


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