Street Fighter IV Website is Live

Last night's network debut of mixed martial arts on CBS also featured the commercial airing of the Street Fighter IV gameplay trailer. Now it and a lot of other stuff is live on Capcom's official Street Fighter IV website, which launched shortly after the commercial. Not a big fan of the Faith No More track, but yes, ad people want to tout the game as "Epic" so I can connect the dots.

GameStop also is flacking an "Art of Street Fighter" book as incentive for the Xbox 360 and PS3 releases. The game is supposed to release Feb. 3, 2009.

The site contains character bios, sketches and making-of content — some of it you may have seen elsewhere, but now it's all together under one roof.

Street Fighter IV [Capcom, via Gaming Bits]


    I see 360 and ps3 versions, so where does one buy the PC release?

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