Sushi Isn't Always "Sushi"

To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft
RE: Defamation of Childhood

Ungh, sorry to hear yer dealing with that kinda crap.

Had robo sushi for lunch — which is typically cheap here. It's kinda like, I dunno, going to Denny's? (Even though we do have Denny's here and there are NO GRANDSLAM MEALS WHATSOEVER WTF DENNY'S JAPAN?!?!?!?) Took a quick inventory of the 9 plates of sushi I had, and realised that I didn't really eat any raw fish. Maybe, it was cause I wasn't eating at a very good chain or just felt like ingesting crap, because if I go to a slightly better place than I did today, I do eat lotsa raw fish. Anyway! For the interested, here's what I had: Corn, Meat Balls, Ham, Tuna Mayo, Grilled Beef, Eel, Hamburger Patty, Salmon and Pudding. Mmmmmmm... Pudding!

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