Take-Two Ponders Entering The Music Game Genre

Would Take-Two ever consider setting Rockstar loose on the music game genre? Last night, during Take-Two's Q1 financial results call, Board chairman Strauss Zelnick addressed an analyst who asked exactly that, "given Rockstar's nature". I guess he meant, "as rockstars"?

Zelnick's answer? "Possibly", but Zelnick said there's nothing currently in Take-Two's schedule that fits that bill. For his part, Zelnick is waiting to see how much staying power the trend has, and whether to define it as a "music genre" or a "rhythm genre".

Zelnick said such considerations are "terribly important when you invest in AAA properties that you expect people to play for over 20 hours".

Zelnick has good reason to demonstrate his restraint to his investors, of course - right now his mandate is to prove that they're better off sticking with his guiding hand than with EA's.


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