Tales of Vesperia Dated For Japan, Getting Bundle


    Erm Final Fantasy 13 Versus and Agito are bigger projects than Tales of Vesperia Infinite Discovery and even Star Ocean put together.

    I think Square Enix are treatnig all parties equally
    think about it Sony is getting Final Fantasy Dissidia for psp, FF13, FF13 Versus, Kingdom hearts for psp. plus last remnant too as a multiplatform.

    Tales of Vesperia seems uninspired and Star OCean is a B rank game. Infinite Undiscovery is still unknown, but i think Sqare enix is not taking any sides, they're just hedging their bets so their investing equally in all consoles albeit their main franchise being on the ps3. Who knows where the HD Kingdom hearts will go it could be Xbox as well. THough it was rumored ps3 exclusive

    to LAN-
    yur just jealous since TOV IU and SO4 are 360 exclusives.

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