Team Fortress 2 To Add Achievements, Weapons To Pyro Next

According to a CVG report culled from the latest issue of PC Gamer magazine, the next Team Fortress 2 class to get Achievements and unlockable new weapons will be the flamethrower and axe-wielding Pyro. Like the Medic, it seems that the Pyro will get a few dozen class specific achievements and a load out of new gear. That's either good news if you're a Pyro fanatic or horrid news if you're not looking forward to seeing public games clogged with achievement-hungry Pyro noobs.

The unquestionably good news, however, is word from Valve that "Meet The Sniper" is due next in the series of expertly crafted class videos.

Pyro unlockables next for Team Fortress [CVG]


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