Tecmo Responds To Itagaki

Tecmo has responded to Tomonobu Itagaki's announcement. Interestingly, the statement's second paragraph mentions Itagaki's sexual harassment suit and that the company was investigating internally, but that Itagaki unilaterally wanted to push forward with the legal suit. The rest of the company's statement points out that Itagaki has been paid annual bonuses. The completion bonus that Itagaki refers to was not agreed to by current management, but by the company's previous administration. Tecmo calls the consolation damages Itagaki is seeking from the Tecmo president the result of his own "distortion." What's more, it reads:

Our company getting sued by this employee is huge problem... the reasons for making this lawsuit public are self-centred. What's more, this employee is filing this suit for himself and making it seem like he alone is responsible for the development of the game titles the rest of the Team Ninja staff had poured its heart into.

Team NINJA is currently working on a line-up of new titles. All of Team NINJA is starting to work together on interesting new game titles.

This could get very messy folks.

Tecmo's Response [Tecmo.co.jp][Pic]


    This waste of skin needs to go away and find something else to do with (to) himself.

    You people have lost your minds... Itagaki is a god. I'll never understand this hatred for him.

    No Team Ninja does not comprise itself of Itagaki alone, but watch the documentary on XBOX Live to see just how instrumental he is during the game development process.

    I met him in person, and I shook his hand, and I thanked him for the great games he's given us.

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