Tecmo Says Team Ninja Exodus Rumours False, Calls Out U.S. Media

Tecmo is not pleased. It says that rumoured talk of some three dozen Team Ninja members bolting from the company along with Tomonobu Itagaki and filing suit against Tecmo, reports of which originated at 1UP, are false and inaccurate. "No such action is taking place at the company", reads an official statement forwarded to Kotaku.

According to Tecmo, only two employees have filed a lawsuit against the company. Tecmo claims that it notified "all affected employees that they would be appropriately compensated and is currently in the process of resolving the matter". It also goes on record as saying that reports that it had withheld information from shareholders regarding the lawsuit filed by Itagaki were, in short, hogwash.

Apparently, recent reporting on Tecmo's legal kerfuffle has caused "unrest" amongst company staffers, so the publisher and developer has asked us to "handle news reports concerning the above matters with care". It is our policy to handle all news reports as if they were a brittle nest filled with the precious and fragile eggs of a hummingbird.


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