Terminal Reality Credits ZootFly With Ghostbusters Assist

ZootFly's proposed Ghostbuster game, first shown in leaked test footage back in January of last year might not have done ZootFly any good in the long run, but according to Terminal Reality president Mark Randel it did at least have a hand in getting their Ghostbusters game made.

"What Zootfly did for us, inadvertently, is help sell the concept. When their footage came out, we were close to our green-light meeting, and when the executives saw the reaction from the fans, they immediately knew, 'Hey, Ghostbusters is going to be a big hit - we need to put this game into production.'"

Small consolation for the folks at ZootFly, but Ghostbusters fans around the world sure appreciate the help. Next time just make sure you're allowed to make the game before you make it!

Zootfly Ghostbusters footage helped sell concept


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