The Definitive List Of Video Game Comics

My colleague Tracey John at the Multiplayer blog appears to have outdone herself, indexing 31 video game comics. Did we know there were Doom and Mega Man comics?

She and I talked about a post that would highlight new comics based on new games: stuff like Dead Space, Gears of War and Brothers in Arms. I figured she'd cover five or six of them. But Tracey's the kind of video game writer who makes a post considering the greatest cats in video game history and lists more than 50 felines.

Now she delivers a breakdown of 31 video game-based comics present and past, with pretty pictures, info and some jokes.

Funny thing is that I'm a big comic book reader and a serious gamer — but I never read any of these. You?

Our Giant Guide To Video Game Comics [My day-job blog]


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