The Monday Wii Memory Space Eater Update

Still toying with what exactly to call the newly evolved weekly Virtual Console update now that it is becoming more and more WiiWare-centric, which involves finding some common ground between the two formats. Since I've run out of memory space on my Wii, I think the title I've chosen this week is rather apropos.

On the WiiWare front we've got the puzzle platforming goodness of Two Tribes' Toki Tori (1,000 points), which features more than 70 levels of gameplay involving gadgets and chickens. For those of you who'd rather solve your problems with guns, this week also sees the release of Ubisoft's scrolling shooter Protöthea (1,000 points), with 10 missions spanning four unique worlds.

For those of us who like our games older (like our women), the Virtual Console receives the NEOGEO classic Ninja Combat (900 points), which stars ninjas Joe and Hayabusa along with a group of unlocked ninja pals to help you fight your way through the evil forces of the Kage Ichizoku.

Ninja, spaceships, and chickens. It doesn't get any better than this.


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