This Samsung Xbox 360 TV Looks Fake (But It's Not A Bad Idea)

Earlier today, a tipster who wished to remain anonymous sent us the above pic, something he claimed was the Samsung "X-Series" LCD TV. According to the tipster, the television would be the "first on market" to integrate Xbox 360 hardware when it shipped this November in the United States and Europe. The TV was purported to include four USB ports, 512 MB of hard drive space(?) and a "ring of light" style power button. It even came with a model number (XS40R360A) for maximum believability.

That would mesh nicely with that rumour from EGM that Microsoft was permitting third parties to manufacture their own Xbox 360 compatible hardware, wouldn't it? Unfortunately, it all sounds like total bunkum.

First, Samsung already has an "X-Series" line of notebook computers. Second, the above television is just a Samsung LNS2652 model LCD HDTV with a quick and dirty Photoshop colour swap and an Xbox LIVE logo inexplicably slapped on. That particular model is about two years old and, like all other Samsung LCD TVs has a model number starting with "L". That's not conclusive evidence, but it certainly doesn't help us believe that we're looking at something legit.

Our "source" didn't respond to requests for more information or clarification.

It's true that Samsung and Microsoft have enjoyed a long standing partnership and we don't necessarily doubt the validity of the EGM rumour. After all, Microsoft may believe that an iMac-style hardware approach will get more Xbox 360s in the homes of those looking to jump in to high definition gaming. And they might be right.

We've contacted Microsoft and Samsung to get comment. Consider it rumour (and more than likely a fabrication) for now.


    BS They wouldn't built a 360 into a tv rotflo for all gullable newbs...,..ANyways it'll be a tv only 4 the soul purpose of getting the best out of your 360 but cant we altread do that?

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