Three Fallout 3 Perks

f3_pipboy.jpgDuring Monday’s Fallout 3 presentation by Bethesda’s Pete Hines, I was on the lookout for anything new. To start with, my hopes weren’t great – the first gameplay sequence Pete demoed was from last year’s DC preview. It was good seeing the game in action again, but it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know (apart from the fact that Pete is better at the game than Todd, but that might be because he’s had a chance to practise heaps).

The second section of gameplay however was from an updated build (I have some other tidbits I’ll share later about this). This version featured new loading text, located in the bottom left-hand of the screen as the game processes level data. Seeing as Bethesda’s remained tight-lipped about what perks will be in Fallout 3, I was surprised to see a couple of extensive descriptions of various perks in these text sections. Photography was not allowed during the presentation, but I did jot down what I saw:Old perks
Bloody mess: Pete himself comfirmed that this perk was in. In addition to increased gore, this perk will provide a small damage bonus, making it better than the original.

Swift Learner: This perk functions the same as it did in previous games. For each rank of Swift Learner you take, the player will receive 5% extra experience.

New perk (yes, just the one):
Lead Belly: This perk, which can be taken multiple times, reduces the amount of damage you take from radiation when you drink water from a contaminated source (such as a toilet in an abandoned subway) by 5% per rank.

I wish there had been more, but three is better than none!


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