Trion Also At Work On First-Party Van Caneghem MMO, PS3 Titles

Earlier this morning, we reported Trion World Network is teaming up with the Sci-Fi channel to create an MMO based on an upcoming show, a cool idea as the show's direction is intended to evolve depending on what players do in the game. That co-development agreement is not the only thing Trion has in the works, however.

Trion's first title will be a first-party game, a fantasy-themed MMO headed by Jon Van Caneghem (shown), creator of the Might and Magic and Heroes RPG and strategy franchises. Trion will self-publish in North America and Europe through its own proprietary platform

Though the company announced its platform several months ago before any games were on the horizon, it's not restricting itself to a first-party strategy; Trion also announced a publishing partnership today with Sony Computer Entertainment America to do games for the PS3 in North America, though no specific PS3 titles have been announced yet.

Both the first-party game announce and the SCEA partnership release follow the jump:


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