Turnin' Around: Highlights From THQ's Press Event

Yesterday I visited THQ here in New York City, to check out their upcoming lineup of games for this year's Fall and holiday seasons. Given how heavily the publisher weighs its kid-friendly, casual and Nickelodeon-licence titles, I set my expectations low, but after getting a chance to check out a few items of interest, I feel a bit more optimistic.

"In fairness to them, you don't turn around an oil tanker in a day", said Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter.

A few titles stood out to me - I'm intrigued to see how Deadly Creatures turns out, as I like the creepy-crawly concept, and I thought Lock's Quest was an unexpected surprise, looking like more of a hardcore title aimed at fans of Japanese-style RTS games. And De Blob put me just enough in mind of Katamari Damacy to pique my interest.

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What do you think, guys? See anything you like?


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