UFC 2009 Undisputed: Trailer, Details, Screens

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So yesterday we had the announcement that THQ would be releasing UFC 2009: Undisputed sometime in the spring of 2009. Gametrailers has the above debut trailer up and, from other sources, Voodoo Extreme has culled 10 screenshots and some fun facts about what the game has to offer.

Not my cup of tea, but I know how bent-out-of shape MMA enthusiasts get when you suggest the sport is anything less than the fastest growing sport in the world (I always imagine John Cusack in Say Anything: “Kickboxing: Sport of the future”,) to say nothing of that “human cockfighting” label that never seems to go away. Still if you like squatting over another guy and jackhammering his skull off a virtual canvas, looks like it’ll accommodate you nicely. And you don’t have to do it as someone in the stable of UFC combatants. A deep “create-a-fighter” and career mode will make this almost a (wait for it … wait for it) MMARPG.

Hit the jump for more details from Voodoo Extreme:


  • i know its still early, the video aint really that impressive. Sure the graphics look good but the fighting works like shit.

    The fight just dosent look natural (how many times do you see UFC fights continue after 3 paunches landed directly to someones face?)Every punch and fighters reaction looks generic

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