Video Game Cosplay Record Brutally Beaten

Video Game Cosplay Record Brutally Beaten

In April we reported that Dallas-area anime convention A-Kon was planning on taking on the Guinness Book of World Record’s Largest Gathering Of Game Characters cosplay record. Now the results are in and 80 Marios just got their arses handed to them. The record-breaking attempt held at the convention over the weekend drew 697 video game character cosplayers, from Links to Zeldas, SNK and Capcom fighters, fervent Final Fantasy fans, and even Kotakuites like Steven here, pictured as Lakitu, with friends Jenni and Spencer filling the roles of Toad and Toadette. Truly this is a great day in the history of people dressing up as other things.

Hit the jump for some more pictures from the event, and see if you can pick out which Final Fantasy character in the gallery is my personal favourite.


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