What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The only gaming I'll be doing this weekend will be in the form of low stakes blackjack and pulling some one-armed bandits, as this weekend is a Vegas weekend for yours truly. Having just visited Las Vegas for Capcom's Captivate 08 media event last week, you might wonder why I'd be so quick to return. Well, when you don't leave step out of the confines of the hotel for 48 hours, you don't really see much of Vegas.

Besides, last night we had a bad gamer bender at a friend's house. After a Haze demo, we decided to continue slumming it with the so-bad-it's-bad Crash Time and the even worse Yaris, two impressively dreadful Xbox 360 racers. At least the Battlefield: Bad Company was fun. But I think I need a break. How about you? Gaming plans?


    Definately going to hit up Lego Indy, also bought the lego SW collection. Trying to finish all flying rats in GTA IV also. BF:BC demo was great fun last night, but seems really lagged? Single player is boring. Also finishing up Bully for 100% achievements.

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