What's Infinite Interactive Made With The Spore Creature Creator?

infinite_creatures.jpgEveryone's been playing around with the recently-released creature maker for EA's Spore. Even the developers at Infinite Interactive, most famous for the casual/hardcore title Puzzle Quest, have been funnelling their talents into crafting weird and amazing beasts. I2's Aaron Styles sent me a link to the studio's forums, where you can check out its wacky/cute/bizarre creations.

Before you ask, no, nothing looks like a penis. The Wormageddon gets close though.

You can grab the Spore Creature Creator yourself from the New Zealand EA Store. I know, I know, don't ask.

I2's Spore Creatures [Infinite Interactive, thanks Aaron]


    Andalite, from Animorphs? Man, there's a memory or two.

    I still can't get the full Creature Creator off of the NZ site...

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