When Spore PS3 Controller Creatures Rumble!

Spore can be used to re-create 360 controllers. Yay.
Spore can be used to re-create Wii-motes. Yay.

But did you know that Spore has the raw power to re-create PS3 controllers? It can even do that boomerang-looking proto-type controller. This all comes from searching "PS3" in the Sporepedia, a search that also brings up the MGS4 MkII. I haven't found a 2600 joystick in there yet. (Did find the Wii Zapper).

Look through the gallery below for a quartet of Spore PS3 controllers that will walk and scavenge in the land of Spore. I look forward to visiting a Spore world populated by warring factions of game controllers. What are you going to put in your world?



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