Who's Having Problems With Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

brawlfloor.jpgDo you own Super Smash Bros. Brawl? Has it given you a little trouble?

We've had emails come in from more than a few disgruntled readers, reporting the problems they've encountered with SSBB. The issues appear identical to those that popped up during the game's international debut.

If your copy of SSBB is acting up, drop us a comment describing your situation. Hopefully we can get some attention from Nintendo Australia, and perhaps coax a response from the media-shy organisation.


    nope, nothing yet, what am i looking out for?

    I've received a read error twice. The game seemed to work okay once I rebooted the system. That said, I've only had 15 minutes on it so far.

    mine just continunally wont read the disc :( cant play it

    I've had jumpy movies in Subspace Emissary and particularly slow loading times while the Wii seems to churn away at the disc. No showstoppers though

    Just had the problem then, pretty annoyed. Called up Nintendo and they are shipping out a package so that I can send them my Wii Console and the game to get fixed. They hope for a 5 day turn around on the deal, but that doesn't make things any better....

    The very first cutscene in Subspace Emissary freezes and stutters during the camera pan into the stadium, and one or two others later on. Music will also randomly cut out in menus, during loading, etc. Sounds like the drive is spinning overtime. Got the game disc replaced to see if tha twas the cause, but still has the exact same freeze/stutter problem at the exact same cutscene, menu music loss.

    I've been playing it the last couiple of days. There had been no dosc read problems, but ocassionally the music cuts out, is silent for a few seconds, then continues plaing again.

    It gets worse than that... The online is a laggy piece of crap. It's like watching a slideshow.

    My problems are exactly the same as ODJN's - stuttering FMV, overly long loading times, music cutting in and out at random times... I really hope Nintendo aren't planning on charging me to fix this problem (launch console, thus out of warranty)

    I had some slight stuttering during the first sub-space emissary cinematic, but no other issues so far

    I doubt I'll be playing online at all so I don't care if it's a laggy piece of crap there.

    These problems are caused by dust or something in the Wii's lens. It affects smash bros brawl cause this game uses double sided disc which you may've noticed when looking at it. I think in America they're repairing Wiis or something.

    If it's slow online, it's probably just the internet connection that makes it slow.

    Personally, mine has the problem which makes me really annoyed. Nintendo should make a product that cleans the lens (like a disc that you put in the wii and it cleans is).

    mine just won't syart it says "can't read disk" or something like that.

    Slight stutters for me, as well as a lot of grinding noises...

    There's a reason I'm currently making a backup of it. No, I don't care that Ninty claims that backups are not required.

    Ive had a few of the Sub Space Emissary cutscene's skip and stutter, music pausing for up to 5 seconds at a time (or delayed playing), moving the icon on the character select screen slowing down and pausing, and finally if my Wii is standing horizontal it takes roughly 50% to 100% longer to load and the drive makes noises like crazy.

    Pretty weird since I had been playing the US version for over a month before this and didnt have one single issue...

    I went out and bought SSBB today from my local EB (for $79.95) but when I tried to run the game I received read errors (even after cold boots and orientation change of the system). So back I went to EB and they swapped it over no questions asked but guess what... the replacement has the exact same problem.

    Note that my Wii was bought on release day and has never had any other problems reading discs.

    Then just a minute ago I tried running a Wii System Update and it seems to have fixed the problem. Which is odd because I only just updated the Wii for Lego Indy the other day.

    So it would seem the the latest system update may have induced a firmware revision for the optical drive. So my recommendation is to try updating your Wii and if it doesn't work maybe try asking for you money back.

    I had a fun one: changing from Zelda to Sheik one of the times I was playing Subspace took about five to ten seconds to occur.

    I hope they'll publicise the fix they provided for Matt, ie send out a package for free replacements.

    my wii completly crashed while i was playing ssbb and an error sign kept appearing

    I was fearful that my wii, being one of the first released in au, would sufferer from the dual-layer problem, but it was all good- although my tv, to commemorate the release of SSBB, decided to die instead.

    My launch-day Wii is practically shitting itself trying to read the disc, while in-game music can stutter (and stop for up to 5 seconds) and cutscenes also stutter fairly regularly. Not happy.

    Update: I haven't had any more read errors since the system update but I am receiving constant stuttering in cut scenes :(

    I called Nintendo Aus. customer support today about my Brawl problems and they're offering the same dealio as the States and Japan - basically you tell them Brawl is screwing up, give them your Wii serial number, address and whatnot, and the ysend out an express postpak for you to mail your Wii off to them for repairs or whatever is the cause of the lense problems. They're also apparently streamlining the process so everyone can get their Wiis and Brawl discs back as quickly as possible so you can all continue in your vain dreams of being as good as me someday.

    Me and a friend have the exact same problems described above - menu music and in game FMV stuttering, the zelda/shiek delay etc.

    We are from New Zealand and our Nintendo distributor has gone bust... I guess we have to wait for a new one before anything can be done?

    SSBB broke itself. It's unplayable on my console; aside from being louder than the 360 it seems at some points, it simply refuses to load Brawl matches and takes so long to load after a character dies (from about 30% through onwards) that items on the screen disappear. This can get very. Bloody. Annoying when I'm trying to nab trophies. I can't afford to pay $100 for something that doesn't work. At least my money's going to a good cause - just bought the Guitar Hero DS. Go Nintendo!

    30% of the way through the campaign, and lot's of other matches to day, and I've not found a problem...

    Lucky me I guess?

    No problems with my friends or my copies. Some long load times here and there is all.

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