Why First and Third Person Shooters Are Not Popular In Japan

An eight page Famitsu article called "Shall we shoot a little?" and featuring a bikini lady holding a gun tackles first-person and third-person shooters. The magazine polled readers to see what experience they have with FPS or TPS games. 74.8 percent have played these types of games, while 51 percent of those said they'd like to play FPS or TPS games again. Reasons for disinterest didn't include the stereotypical FPS-games-make-Japanese-nauseous, but did include these responses from Famitsu readers:

"I'm not interested".

"The games seem difficult".

"I don't know what the point of these games is".

"I'm worried about playing them because I'm a beginner".

And so RPGs march valiantly on and on and on and on...

This Week in Japan [Next-Gen]


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