Why Shellshock 2 Was Refused Classification [Update]

r18_left.jpgUpdate: Since posting this story, Atari has made it clear it has no comment regarding the reasons for the ban. As such, I've contacted the OFLC for additional information.

One June 20, Rebellion's Shellshock 2 was refused classification in Australia. When we asked Eidos' distributor Atari if there were plans to edit the game and try for an MA 15+ rating, it replied in the negative.

We know the OFLC has a thing against excessive blood, decapitation and dismemberment, so I assumed it was one (or a combination) of these elements that earned Shellshock 2 an RC. Atari did provide a comment, but has since retracted the statement.


    Way to go, our backwards classification system strikes again. I love being treated like an adult.

    Gotta love Australia, joining the army and shooting people is OK, just don't ever pretend to join the army and shoot imaginary people, that's taking it too far. It still bugs me, but I've lost some of my anger since I've discovered how easy it is to import games from countries where adults are treated as adults.

    chances are its been banned due to sexual content like the last shellshock where you could spend your virtual army pay on "boom boom" with the local "i love you long time GI" ladies

    couldnt be for excessive blood, decapitation and dismemberment ... ninja gaiden 2 anyone!?

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