Why You Should Comment On Kotaku

I was taking my morning constitutional in a place that shall not be named, flipping through issue five of Wildstorm's World of Warcraft comic book (excellent series, BTW), when I spied an advertisement for the World of Warcraft Figure Prints service...you know, the one that takes a snap of your character and creates a little statue out of it. I must have passed by the page umpteen times, but only now did I notice a shining endorsement from Kotaku in the ad. "Wow...I NEED ONE!!! - Axel - Kotaku.com."

While it's always nice to see your website featured in an advertisement, I couldn't for the life of me figure out who we had writing for us that called themselves Axel. Then it dawned on me...this was a quote taken out of our comments section. Congratulations Axel! You have now embarked on a shining new career in product endorsement. People really do win when they comment on Kotaku!


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