Wii Update 3.3 Kills Feeloader Too?

Oh dear. I'm getting reports starting to trickle out of Australia that the latest Wii update (3.3) has done more than block the Twilight Princess save-game exploit. I'm hearing it's killed Datel's Wii Freeloader as well, which if true, will not go down well in Europe and Australia at all. Especially with Smash Bros' imminent - and very late - release in PAL territories in two weeks serving as a poignant reminder of just why so many people own a Freeloader in the first place. I'll update once we get some confirmation either way.


    I only have legit stuff on my Wii but the update has screwed the Nintendo channel, now when I select it I get a Black Screen of Death

    Eh, I'll just sell my import copy of Brawl (I've been over it for months) and buy a PAL one when it goes down in price, which was my plan all along.
    You'd think though, with the success of the DS's region-free-ness (I mean, half my DS games are imports), that Nintendo would have done the same thing with the Wii.

    Requesting confirmation of this. I do NOT want to have to buy SSBM again.

    If it did come to that, would my US save game still apply to the PAL version?

    Anyone know?

    Guys, don't be silly and buy PAL Brawl for $100.
    Just don't update your Wii.
    That's what I've done.

    Plus I've lodged a complaint with the ACCC as if DVD region locking is illegal, games should be too.

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