Wii Update Castrates Twilight Princess Hack

A few months back, hackers exploited a modified save game file in Twilight Princess to get access to the Wii. Cue an increase in stuff like homebrew for the system, leading to things as awesome as someone running Full Throttle on their Wii. Well, no more! Nintendo have quietly updated the Wii's menu (v3.3, which does little else but this), and in doing so have closed the loop on that particular exploit, making a lot of homebrew kids very, very sad. It almost goes without saying, but those affected may just want to hold off on installing this update.

Wii Menu Update 3.3 kills Twilight Hack [Wii Fanboy]


    This update also stops the freeloader from working, so beware.

    Can anybody that's updated confirm whether Gecko Region Free still works (with a pre-update HBC install, obviously)?

    I love Nintendo, but FUCK THEM for killing the Freeloader. It's not like they don't receive revenue from me buying imports. This is just another inch of Nintencock in the ass of every PAL territory.

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